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HP 1 Day Ship Specials

HP       Hewlet Packard Disk      HP Storage      HP Networking      HP Tape Drives    HP 9000

HP 1 Day Ship Specials

Part Number Description price   Part Number Description price
  Drives & Storage       9000 Series  
  For 9000 Series Servers       D Class   
A4910A 9GB FWD Hot Plug Disk for D Class $248   A4904A D390 Base with 2 Way CPU  $   1,127.50
A5528A 18GB FWD Hot Plug Disk for D Class $963   A3564A 256MB Memory for D Class  $      104.50
A3629A 9GB FWD Hot Plug Disk for K Class $325        
A3542A 12GB DDS3 DAT Tape Drive $248     K Class  
A5803A 18GB U2 Hot Plug Disk for L Class $248   A3641A K570 Base w/ 1 200MHz CPU  $      984.50
A6110A 36GB U2 Hot Plug Disk for L Class $743   A3669A 200MHz CPU for the Kx70  $      137.50
A6736A 18GB U160 Hot Plug Disk for L Class call   A4837A K580 Base w/ 1 240MHz CPU  $      935.00
A6737A 36GB U160 Hot Plug Disk for L Class call   A4872A 240MHz CPU for the Kx80  $      313.50
A5557A DVD-ROM for L-Class / rp54x0 $275   A3027A 128MB Memory for K Class  $        55.00
A5558A 12GB DDS3 DAT Tape Drive L Class $545   A3483A 256MB Memory for K Class  $        93.50
A5531A 18GB Hot Plug U2 Drive for N Class $275   A2992A Memory Extender for K Class  $      137.50
          L Class  
  Storage Systems & Drives     A5191A L2000/rp5450 Base A Backplane  $   1,567.50
A5282A 18GB 10K RPM U2 Drive for HVD10 $264   A5191B L2000/rp5450 Base B Backplane  call 
A5595A 36GB 10K RPM U2 Drive for HVD10 $853   A5796A L2000/rp5450 CPU Support Module  $      412.50
18GB 15K RPM U2 Drive for HVD10
$413   A5521A 360MHz CPU L-Class rp5450  $      632.50
A5294A SureStore Disk System SC10 $721   A5522A 440MHz CPU L-Class rp5450  $   1,644.50
A5282A 18GB 10K RPM U2 Drive for SC10 $303   A6144A L3000/rp5470 Base A Backplane  $   3,844.50
A5595A 36GB 10K RPM U2 Drive for SC10 $743   A6144B L3000/rp5470 Base B Backplane  call 
A6272A 18GB 10K RPM U3 Drive for SC10 $358   A5796A rp5470 550MHz Support Module  $      440.00
A5236A SureStore Disk System FC10 $1,045   A6146A 550MHz CPU L-Class rp5470  $   2,915.00
A5235A 9GB HotPlug FC Disk for FC10 Encl $149   A6798A 650MHz CPU L-Class rp5470  call 
A5234A 18GB HotPlug FC Disk for FC10 Encl $237   A6805A 750MHz CPU L-Class rp5470  call 
A5596A 36GB HotPlug FC Disk for FC10 Encl call   A5797A 512MB L Class (rp54XX)  $      544.50
        A5798A 1024MB L Class (rp54XX)  $   1,083.50
  Options     A6115A 2048MB L Class (rp54XX)  $   2,420.00
  Raid & SCSI Adapters          
A3509A 16 Bit FW Adapter $121     N Class  
A4107A FWD Card, HSC $55   A3639A N4000 Ent. Server "A" Backplane  $      660.00
A4800A Single FWD SCSI-2 Card, PCI $182   A5500A 440MHz CPU for the N4000  $      687.50
A5149A Single Ultra2 SCSI Card, PCI $633   A5168A PSM 440MHz, N-Class  $      192.50
A5838A Dual 100Base-T/Dual LVD/SE Combo $440   A3763A 512MB N Class Memory  $      335.50
A6829A PCI Dual Channel U160 Adapter $990   A4923A 1024MB N Class Memory  $      742.50
        A5864A 2048MB N Class Memory  call 
  Network Adapters     A4882A Memory Carrier Board (rp7400)  $      456.50
A3495A HP-PB 100BaseT LAN $105        
A5230A Single 100baseTX Ethernet LAN $149     Networking  
A5506A 4-Port 100baseTX Ethernet LAN $275        
A6847A PCI 1000 Base-SX Gigabit Ethernet Ad $825     Procurve Switches  
        J4121A Procurve Switches 400TM                        $1,750  
  Tape     J4812A HP ProCurve Switch 2512  $      484.00
Q1515A LTO 100/200 GB INT ALL $2,475   J4813A HP ProCurve Switch 2524  $      489.50
Q1518A ULT 460E INT TAPE DRV INTERNAL $2,695   J4817A HP ProCurve Switch 2312  $      396.00
Q1526A HP DAT72 TRADE READY DRIVE $798   J4818A HP ProCurve Switch 2324  $      412.50
Q1545A HP ULTRIUM 230 100/200GB EXT. $2,200   J4899A HP ProCurve Switch 2650  $   1,094.50
Q1546A DAT 20/40GB INT HPLUG $1,018   J4139A HP ProCurve Routing Switch 9304m  $   4,730.00
Q1529A DAT 72H 36/72GB INT HPLUG $1,100        
Q1543A HP ULTRIUM 215 100/200GB $1,980